Mixing Machines

Mixing Machines

When it comes to mixing machines there are many on the market. Here at Cobra Polymers, from our teams many years of experience, we have a few machines we have found work well with our products.

Making sure you have the right mixer for the product you are installation is important to ensure all the product are mixed fully and to the correct consistency.


  • • IMER MIX 750 MBP 27 CF Material Batch Mixer – Verticals Shaft Pan Mixer
  • • Baron F200 Forced Action Mixer
Please see below for more details on each mixer


The fastest way to mix and pour flooring compound – consistently.

The well-balanced design allows one person to mix, transport, and pour with ease and precision, reducing downtime and material waste.

These versatile machines have proven on-site performance to boost productivity and profitability.

• Mixes, delivers and spreads material quickly with excellent control

• Handles a wide range of construction compounds

• Easy operation by one person

• Reduces time, effort and labour costs

• Thorough mixing, blending and placement without the mess

• Dust extraction port to allow vacuum connection to reduce dust hazard while mixing

• Easy to clean out, even with epoxy, MMA, resins and urethane types of cement.




IMER MIX 750 MBP 27 CF Material Batch Mixer – Vertical Shaft Pan Mixer


Another of IMER USA’s legacy products, the MORTARMAN series of mixers started off in 1993 with the 480 and 240. Years of development followed as IMER pioneered the towable vertical shaft mixer in the USA market and proved their worth as a mixer.

More mini batch plant than just a mixer, the MIX 750 which has been in production over 10 years, is the strongest most affordable production mixer ever made for the Precast industry. Over the last 20 years, countless businesses making all types of architectural and decorative precast concrete and veneer stone have been started around the country with the MIX 750 or 360 mixer as the sole production mixing platform.  Owners are amazed at their toughness and the output they have achieved with them.

• Batches out 17 CF / 1,700 lbs all day long (±5 CF depending on the material)

• Controlled discharge allows for a handful, a bucket, or a wheel barrow.

• Sealed shaft bearings never need maintenance

• Gas motor 13 HP Honda with electric start

• Electric motors available are 5 HP 220 Volt 1 phase  / 7.5 HP  3 phase

• Adjustable 4 corner support legs allow for set up quickly and easily





Baron F200 Forced Action Mixer

Quality, efficiency and durability combined with a range of unique product details make the F-series the ultimative choice for the demanding, professional user.

• Powerful, low-noise motor.

• Optimised mixer capacity.

• Phase indicator.

• Easy-to-clean outlet.

• Outlet safety protection.

• Can be operated by a single person.


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