Spray Coat

Spray coat is a thin single component, meaning just add water, sprayable overlay material designed for resurfacing and restoring old hardscapes. It is designed for both interior and exterior uses and can be applied in many ways, from trowel to hopper. Its polymer additives give it a strong bond and flexibility essential to a thin overlay. Spray coat has a white cement base, making it able to be tinted by traditional concrete coloring methods.

Spray coat is versatile in its applications and benefits making it a great choice for a renewing of old surfaces or adding architectural design to new ones.

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Spray coat is designed to resurface existing hardscapes without losing color, texture or overall design. Spray coat is a white Portland cement based cementitious overlay. It can transform old worn-down concrete be eliminating surface defects, increasing wearability and improving the slip coefficient.

Spray coat is versatile in its applications, including but not limited to; slop trowel, stipple finish, orange peel finish, knockdown, travertine, stencil patterns, tape patterns, trowel and hopper.

Spray coat is created and optimized using polymers to create a superior level of adhesion in both interior and exterior locations. When it is applied correctly and topped with a seal coat it will produce a visually appealing, high wearing surface; all requiring low maintenance for long lifespan.


50 pound bag (22.7 kg bag)


1 – 50 lb (22.7 kg) bag of Spray Coat Base coat – 40 -200 ft² Finish coat – 40 -200 ft²


4 – 6 qt. (3.8-4.7 L) water to 1 50 lb (22.7 kg) bag of Spray Coat.


126 pounds/ft³ (2018 kg/m³)


50ºF – 90ºF (10ºC – 32ºC)


Initial set – 2-8 hours Full Cure – 28 Days


White powder.


  • hardscaping
  • pool decks
  • wet areas
  • patios
  • outdoor living areas
  • sun rooms
  • basements
  • retail floors


  • Used to make a large variety of textures
  • Easy to mix; easy to apply
  • Can be tinted by any standard cementitious means
  • Restoration and repair of existing areas
  • Increased slip resistance
  • Increased surface protection

Data Sheets

Spray Coat – Product Data Sheet

Spray Coat – Safety Data Sheet