Stamp Coat

Stamp coat is a single component, just add water, Portland white or grey based stampeable overlay material. It is primarily used to resurface older worn hardscapes, giving them a new and improved look. It can be stamped or textured with any design, can be colored by cement pigments, and can be stained and sealed after curing to give a professional stamp concrete finish.

Stamp mix can be applied as thin as 3/8″, providing infinite possibilities in finish and design.

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Stamp Coat is a cement based stampable top-coat used to restore and improve both interior and exterior hardscapes. It can be stamped in any texture or design, from stone to paver to wooden plank, and can be colored by any traditional cementitious tinting method.

Stamp coat has a variety of applications, including but not limited to, resurfacing, repair, restoration, and  architectural design and texture. Stamp coat can be used in conjunction with Bond Coat™ for superior adhesion to existing hardscape surface.

Stamp coats’ 3D textures capabilities allow for the creation of highly decorative flooring that will look good and last for a long time.


50 pound bag (22.7 kg bag)


1 – 50 lb (22.7 kg) bag of Stamp Coat 15-18 ft² @ 3/8”(1.4-1.7 m² @ 9.5mm) 20-24 ft² @ 1/4”(1.9-2.2m² @ 6.4mm)


3.5-4 qt. (3.3-3.8 L) water to 1 50 lb (22.7 kg) bag of Stamp Coat.


132 pounds/ft³ (2114 kg/m³)


50ºF – 90ºF (10ºC – 32ºC)


Initial set – 6-8 hours Full Cure – 28 Days


White or grey powder


  • Pool Decks and patios
  • Kitchen and living areas
  • Resorts and hotels
  • Theme parks
  • Faux wood plank
  • Faux stone, paver, slate, and brick
  • Custom patterns


  • Can be colored by any standard cementitious coloring method
  • Can be stamped in any texture or pattern
  • Can be stained and antiqued to appear natural or aged
  • More cost effective than removing and pouring back concrete
  • Highly decorative
  • The dry polymer blending can handle more extreme high and low temperatures

Data Sheets

Stamp Coat – Product Data Sheet

Stamp Coat – Safety Data Sheet